What is Expats & Co.?

Expats worlwide

Did you know that there are more than 230 million expats worldwide? How many of these world citizens have fabulous and fascinating stories to tell? Probably about 230 million!

Everyone, in his own way, has a beautiful story. Millions of people have to leave everything behind to take the leap, to pursue a romantic relationship in another time zone, to escape sadness, to take on new work challenges, to make a better life for their families … Others have also become “expatpreneurs”: they are expats who have decided to be entrepreneurs in their country of expatriation.

Expats & Co.

Expats & Co. meet these expats to pick up their advices, their adventures, their daily life, their favorites, their mood … They become tourist guides so that we can explore hidden little spots, make discoveries that give us a good view, connecting us with unusual local people, tasting the flavors of a new country savoring and enjoying the moment. Soak up a new culture through colorful discussions and inspiring emotional encounters.

An hidden destination? A new hotel? An outdoor activity? The « musts do »? A wonderful restaurant not to be missed? … Expats & Co. also has the mission to reveal the hidden gems, to share travel and exploration discoveries as well as their mood of the moment.

The Expats & Co. universe is aimed at expatriates, ex-expats, future expats, globetrotters, families, curious people and travel enthusiasts!

Warning! Expats & Co. could make you want to escape to the other side of the world by reading our stories and articles, meeting passionate citizens of the world or simply by watching our photos and watching our videos! ☺︎

Wherever you are on our beautiful planet, thanks for being here with us!

Nathalie ♡

L'expat Nathalie Boudreau aux Seychelles
Nathalie Boudreau in Seychelles | © Sébastien Rivest